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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies


Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering study program aims to enable students to perform jobs related to waste management, sustainable development, monitoring and environmental protection using new technologies.

The objectives of Ecological Engineering study program are:

  • that students master the current knowledge and skills in the field of monitoring the state and environmental protection, sustainable technological and economic development of the society, energy efficiency and ecological acquisition and rational energy consumption, waste management, possibilities of its use and ways of safe disposal; ways of preventing and reducing the harmful effects of different economic branches on the environment;
  • to qualify professional staff that will be the holder of the adoption, implementation and control of the implementation of normative acts that determine the area of environmental protection;
  • to enable students to work in teamwork on environmental issues.

By mastering the study program Ecological Engineering students acquire general and subject specific skills:

  • to apply the principles of environmental protection;
  • to know the properties of different types of waste materials;
  • to apply national and European legal regulations;
  • to collect and interpret data obtained in processes related to environmental protection;
  • to propose measures to improve environmental protection procedures;
  • to use his knowledge in the field of ecological engineering in a professional way;
  • to participate in multidisciplinary projects in the field of ecological engineering.

Professional title

After completing basic applied studies in Environmental Engineering students are awarded the title of Engineer of Environmental Protection of Applied Studies.

Head of the study program

PhD Aleksandra Grujić slika

Aleksandra Grujić, PhD

Cabinet: 601

E-mail: aleksandra.grujic@viser.edu.rs

  • Tuesday:  12-14 časova
  • Thursday: 12-14 časova

Secretary of the study program

MSc Milan Ivezić

Milan Ivezić, MSc

Cabinet: 606

E-mail: milan.ivezic@viser.edu.rs

  • Monday: 10:00 - 12:00
  • Wednesday: 12:00 - 14:00
Curriculum accredited in 2017. NPP - 2017
Course code Course Status ECTS Credits
First year
1st semester
101007 Electrical Engineering compulsory 7
100307 Engineering Mathematics compulsory 7
Students choose one of the following elective courses
101507 English Language elective 4
100117 German Language elective 4
Students choose one of the following elective courses
170307 Basics of Management elective 6
101107 Electrical Materials and Components elective 6
101207 Physics elective 6
2nd semester
Students choose five of the following elective courses
101307 Application Software elective 6
120107 Basics of Electric Power Engineering elective 6
101407 Basics of Informatics and Computing elective 6
180117 Ecological Regulations elective 6
170107 Internet Services elective 6
140107 Mechanics elective 6
Total ECTS credits per year 60
Second year
3rd semester
Students choose five of the following elective courses
170807 Business Plan elective 6
180317 Electronic and Electrical Waste Management elective 6
180217 Environmental Management elective 6
120607 New Energy Technologies elective 6
181417 Physical and Chemical Processes in Recycling elective 6
181117 Sustainable Development elective 6
4th semester
Students choose five of the following elective courses
100507 Discrete Mathematics elective 6
140707 Measurements I elective 6
180517 Modern Methods of Air Depuration in Industry elective 6
180417 Protection Against Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation elective 6
180617 Protection Against Noise and Vibration elective 6
181217 Waste-to-Energy Production elective 6
Total ECTS credits per year 60
Third year
5th semester
Students choose five of the following elective courses
150407 Database elective 6
100607 Probability and Statistics elective 6
172107 Projects Management elective 6
141307 Real-Time Control elective 6
180817 Recycling Technologies elective 6
6th semester
Students choose three of the following elective courses
181017 Environmental Monitoring elective 6
181317 Environmental Protection elective 6
180917 Recycling Processes Control elective 6
121607 Renewable Energy Sources elective 6
180717 Wastewater Treatment Systems elective 6
SP Professional Practice compulsory 4
ZR Final Project compulsory 8
Total ECTS credits per year 60