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Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECDL test center

Since April 2008, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies has become an authorized test centre for obtaining the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) certificate. The holder of this certificate is fully competent for the use of personal computers and basic software applications. All interested candidates (our students, employees, as well as everyone else interested) can apply and take tests for ECDL certification in our test centre.

The ECDL program helps both those seeking for job and those who offer it, by defining internationally recognized standards of computer work knowledge. The concept of the ECDL program is implemented by the global initiative of JISA - Unified Informatics Alliance (the national carrier of ECDL license for Serbia and Montenegro) with the aim of spreading information literacy, which is a condition for joining the information society.

The ECDL program is intended for all who want to get education or to confirm their knowledge in the field of information technology. ECDL is testing practical skills of computer use. Inclusion in the certification program enables better performance of everyday tasks and easier employment in the country and abroad.

How to get an ECDL certificate?

Our Test Centre organizes testing,using the latest Internet technology.

The most effective way to get to theECDL certificate: www.ecdltest.rs.

Testing and learning online saves you time and money.

Online course users can learn at their own pace from work, from home, or from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

More than 90% of on-line prepaid users pass exams in the first attempt.

Attending courses is not required for taking tests. If the candidate has the required knowledge, he can apply for testing.

Preparation for the exams and taking the exams are carried out according to the latest ECDL Syllabus 5.0 curriculum.

There are two levels of knowledge, namely, two indexes for which an ECDL certificate is obtained:

ECDL Standard - Core Index (all 7 modules),

ECDL Start Index (4 Modules Optional)


Index and Certificate (Students of School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies pay the price of indexes and certificates reduced by 25%)

for Core ECDL license ............................. 37 € (for 7 modules),

for Start ECDL license ............................. 30 € (for 4 modules).

Using online courses:

Package with 7 modules ... 11200 dinars,

Package with 4 modules ... 7000 dinars.


Price of 1 module testing .................. 10 € (can be paid directly prior to testing)

All prices listed are VAT charged in the amount of 20% For prices expressed in euro, payment is made in dinars counter value at the sell rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of payment. To get the right to use on-line Courses, candidates must first make a payment to the school account number 840-2119666-62 with a reference number 29-08. All candidates bring a payment slip to insight.

Authorized test examiners:

Ivana Vlajić-Naumovska, PhD

E-mail: ivana.vlajic.naumovska@viser.edu.rs

Divna Popovic, eng.spec.appl.

E-mail: divna.popovic@viser.edu.rs

Miloš Pejanović, MSc

E-mail: milos.pejanovic@viser.edu.rs

Benefits for students of SECEAS

For all applicants who apply (bring a payment slip), an introductory lecture is organized where candidates receive information about the procedure for obtaining an activation code for using online courses, as well as obtaining a test-index. Students of School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies have an approved period of using on-line courses:

for a package of 7 modules ........................... 60 days

for a package of 4 modules ........................... 45 days

after which they start testing by modules

On the test, candidates are required to pass an index in order to register the passed module. Testing takes 45 minutes per module, and the term is scheduled in agreement with authorized testers. In the school library there is also additional literature for the preparation of the ECDL module that students can use.