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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies


Students Parliament

Students Parliament is a school body. The main activity of the Students Parliament is to represent and protect the rights and interests of all students and to consider issues and activities of interest to students.

What are the competencies of the Students Parliament?

  • Adoption of the general acts related to the activity of students paralament.
  • Election of representatives in school bodies.
  • Election of the school representatives for the Students conference of the academies of applied studies.
  • Participates in self-evaluation of school, study programs and teaching process.
  • Carries out activities related to the assurance and quality assessment of teaching process, the reform of study programs, the analysis and assessment of the efficiency of studies, the determination of number of ECTS points, the protection of students rights and the improvement of students standards.
  • Initiate the adoption or amendment of regulations of interest for students.
The Students Parliament is composed of representatives of each study program. All students of the school have the right to choose and be elected as members of the Students Parliament. The Students Parliament, in case of need, forms a special commission and / or body responsible for solving specific problems and tasks.