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Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Audio Devices and Systems Course code: 317303 | 8 ECTS credits

Basic information
Level of Studies: Master applied studies
Year of Study: 1
Semester: 1
Goal: Aim is for students to become familiar with advanced techniques of using audio devices and systems.
Outcome: At the end of this course students will know theoretical basics and audio devices and systems advanced appliance technics.
Contents of the course
Theoretical instruction:
  1. Analog audio devices and systems: history, classification and application 1
  2. Analog audio devices and systems: history, classification and application 2
  3. Digital audio devices and systems: theoretical bases, development, classification and application
  4. Digital audio formats
  5. Audio mixers
  6. Audio signal processing 1
  7. Audio signal processing 2
  8. Audio signal processing 3
  9. Audio system: connecting, signal flow and grounding
  10. Audio monitoring: formats and implementation
  11. Microphones: dividing and application
  12. Audio signals measurement
  13. Wireless audio devices and systems
  14. Live sound audio devices and systems
  15. Broadcasting audio devices and systems
Practical instruction (Problem solving sessions/Lab work/Practical training):
  1. Practical training programme follows the lecture.
Textbooks and References
  1. M. Mijić, Audio sistemi, Akademska misao, Beograd, 2011
  2. A. Nisbett, The Sound Studio, Focal Press, Oxford, 2003
  3. J. Eargle, The Microphone Book, Focal Press, Burlington, USA, 2005
Number of active classes (weekly)
Lectures: 3
Practical classes: 3
Other types of classes: 0
Grading (maximum number of points: 100)
Pre-exam obligations
activities during lectures
activities on practial excersises
seminary work
Final exam
Written exam
Oral exam