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Sports section

Students represent the school at various sports activities organized in the city, in the state and abroad. Some of the competitions where we participated and participate are: humanitarian tournaments, marathons, Euroijada (Krakow, 2015 and Prague, 2016), sports leagues of students within the University Sports Association of Belgrade (organized according to the USAB calendar), Višijada within Students Conference of Higher Schools of Serbia (organized in May, mostly abroad), Euro-Catalonia (Lloret de Mar, 2018).

The school provides terms for students for sports activities in the balloon hall Posko Arena, 24, Vojvode Mišića Boulevard. The trainings are organized on Saturdays in the following terms: Basketball 12 AM-1 PM, Futsal 1 PM-2 PM, Volleyball 2 PM-3 PM. Students can also use the hall of students dormitory „4 April“ from 9 AM-10 AM. Men and women train together in all terms.

The current information about sports activities are published on the school website and on social networks. We invite all students who are interested in sports, to join the sports section in order to present our school in the best possible way. For the organization of student athletes, the Sports Association, President Siniša Stančić is in charge.

Sports association groups:

Section for Multimedia

Section for Robotics