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Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECDL test center

In 2008, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies became an authorized test centre for obtaining the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) certificate.   

As of December 2021, Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies is the authorized ECDL test centre; namely Department School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (VISER).

The holder of this certificate is fully competent for the use of personal computers and basic software applications. All interested candidates (our students, employees, as well as everyone else interested) can apply and take tests for ECDL certification at our test centre.


ECDL programme helps both those seeking for job and those who offer it, by defining internationally recognized standards of computer work knowledge. The concept of the ECDL programme is implemented by the global initiative of JISA - Unified Informatics Alliance (the national carrier of ECDL license for Serbia and Montenegro) with the aim of spreading information literacy, which is a condition for joining the information society.


The ECDL program is intended for all who want to get education or confirm their knowledge in the field of information technology. ECDL means testing practical skills of computer use. Inclusion in the certification program enables better performance of everyday tasks and easier employment in the country and abroad.


How to get an ECDL certificate?

Our Test Centre organizes testing using the latest Internet technology.


The most efficient way to get your ECDL certificate: www.ecdltest.rs.

Online testing and learning saves you time and money.


An overview of ECDL courses, including prices, can be downloaded at this LINK.


In order to get the right to obtain ECDL materials, take tests on ECDL modules and have their ECDL grade booklets issued, all candidates must make a payment to the current account of the Department VISER, no. 840-2119666-62, reference no. 1-29-08. All candidates must bring their payment slip as a proof of payment.

Authorized examiners:

Benefits for students of Department VISER:

Students of Department VISER who passed the exam Applicative Software (tests in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet) with a grade 8, 9 or 10, can apply for ECDL grade booklet and certificate by making a payment for the basic level of ECDL (ECDL BASE) which comprises four modules and comes with a certificate.

For more information, application and contant: