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Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Projects Management Course code: 172107 | 6 ECTS credits

Basic information
Level of Studies: Undergraduate applied studies
Year of Study: 2
Semester: 3
Goal: Course objectives: To provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the management of a variety of investment, business and social projects.
Outcome: Course Outcomes: After passing the exam, students will be able to apply practical knowledge in the planning process, monitoring and control project implementation, with particular emphasis on monitoring and control of time, resources and costs, as well as the management of specialized management disciplines.
Contents of the course
Theoretical instruction:
  1. Concept and types of projects
  2. Project management concept
  3. Organization for project management
  4. Management of human resources
  5. Project manager
  6. Methods and techniques of project management
  7. Planning project implementation
  8. Monitoring and control of the project
  9. Reporting system of the project realization
  10. Standard computer packages for project management
  11. Contract management
  12. Quality management of the project
  13. Risk management
  14. Communications management
  15. Change management
Practical instruction (Problem solving sessions/Lab work/Practical training):
  1. It takes place in a computer lab with the use of Primavera software package
Textbooks and References
  1. P. Jovanović, Upravljanjeprojektom, 11. Izdanje, Fakultetzaprojektni i inovacioni menadžment, Beograd, 2015
  2. Ž. Vasić, M.Jevremović, D. Majkić, Upravljanjeprojektom, praktikum, Visoka škola elektrotehnike i računarstvastrukovnihstudija, Beograd, 2015.
  3. Kerzner H, Project management, 10th edition, Wiley Jersy, 2009.
Number of active classes (weekly)
Lectures: 2
Practical classes: 3
Other types of classes: 0
Grading (maximum number of points: 100)
Pre-exam obligations
activities during lectures
activities on practial excersises
seminary work
Final exam
Written exam
Oral exam