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Mentoring and Support

Mentoring and support

On the webpage of VISER there is key information for incoming students and staff on the visa regime, entrance and stay in Serbia, health insurance, accommodation, food, transportation, social and cultural life of Belgrade, etc.

What is more, the staff who are involved with mobility are at the disposal of students and staff participating in incoming and outgoing mobility when it comes to all relevant information and support on administrative and other matters, which may come up during mobility. It is also incumbent upon heads of all study programmes and other departments to provide all necessary support, instructions and information to mobility participants. If they are not able to help, they are obliged to share directions on where mobility participants can find the information they need.Heads of study programmes or other organisational units at VISER in which student or staff mobility is realised are obliged to invest extra effort and devote their attention to incoming mobility participants given the specific status.

Student Parliament at VISER has assigned its student representatives who will participate in the preparation and realisation of student mobility. Student representatives will help provide immediate contact with the local students as well as better integration with the colleagues at VISER. VISER will make sure all student representatives provide each incoming student realising his/her mobility at VISER with at least one local student who would be their guide not only through studying at VISER but also through social life in Belgrade. Similarly, each person realising his/her mobility as an incoming member of staff will be devoted extra attention by colleagues who are employed in corresponding organisational units at VISER.

ERASMUS Student Network

ERASMUS Student Network (ESN) is the largest student association in Europe. It is present in 33 countries in Europe and in Marocco, with over 250 local sections at different universities. ESN was established in 1990, and as of 2007 it has been present in Serbia with two sections, one in Belgrade and one in Novi Sad. ESN aims at creating a more flexible and mobile academic environment throught the promotion, development and improvement of student mobility at various study levels, enabling thereby intercultural experiences to those students who cannot afford to spend time in a foreign country.

Some of the objectives of ESN are:
  • to work in the interest of international students,
  • to work on improving social and practical integration of international students,
  • to represent the needs and rights of foreign students at a local, national and international level,
  • to provide relevant information on mobility programmes,
  • to motivate students who study aborad,
  • to contribute to improving student mobility and making it more available,
  • to look after its members,
  • to stress the value of volunteering and an active civil society.v

You can read more about this student network at: https://www.esn.org/.