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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies


Visual Programming Techniques Course code: 151307 | 6 ECTS credits

Basic information
Level of Studies: Undergraduate applied studies
Year of Study: 2
Semester: 4
Requirements: Pre-knowledge of object programming.
Goal: Train students with new design techniques for computer interfaces.
Outcome: Students are taught to write and design complex applications in a graphical environment using the most current programming platforms and languages.
Contents of the course
Theoretical instruction:
  1. Operating applications under new operating systems.
  2. Data exchange between program units and modules.
  3. Basics of the C # programming language. Classes and interfaces.
  4. Creating a complete user graphic iterfejs (GUI).
  5. Linking visual objects.
  6. Input and display of data through new graphic controls. Integration of programming languages.
  7. Resources, management of I / O devices. Multimedia content.
  8. Event processing, delegates and properties. Windows, multi-document support, dynamic libraries.
  9. Use literature / guides to support.
  10. Forms, printing, context sensitive help, general purpose classes, files and serialization, diagnostics and exceptions.
  11. XML support. Storage and information about them. Use them through the user interface.
  12. Basics of applications related to data sources.
  13. New interfaces.
  14. Platform independence.
Practical instruction (Problem solving sessions/Lab work/Practical training):
  1. Creating Graphic Interfaces.
  2. New visual controls. Data management and connection with controls.
  3. Working with data sources.
  4. Working with data sources.Programming with graphical libraries.
Textbooks and References
  1. J. Allwork,C# Programiranje za Windows i Android, InfoElektronika 2016
  2. M. Price, C# 6 i .NET Core 1.0 moderno međuplatformsko program, Kompjuter biblioteka 2016
  3. J. Albahari, B. Albahari, C# 5.0 za programere sveobuhvatan referentni priručnik, Mikro knjiga 2015
  4. B. Watson, C# 4.0: Kako do rešenja. Rešeni zadaci iz programiranja na jeziku C#, Mikro knjiga 2011
  5. Z.Ćirović, Tehnike vizuelnog programiranja – C#, VIŠER, 2005
  6. Z. Ćirović, Predavanja i prateći materijali za učenje na daljinu, 2020
Number of active classes (weekly)
Lectures: 3
Practical classes: 2
Other types of classes: 0
Grading (maximum number of points: 100)
Pre-exam obligations
activities during lectures
activities on practial excersises
seminary work
Final exam
Written exam
Oral exam