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Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Recycling Technologies Course code: 180817 | 6 ECTS credits

Basic information
Level of Studies: Undergraduate applied studies
Year of Study: 3
Semester: 5
Requirements: None.
Goal: Introducing students to the basic concepts of ecology and environmental problems. Introducing students with the ways of applying real technical systems and technologies for the purpose of solving ecological problems.
Outcome: Ability of students to identify and minimize environmental problems, generators of these problems and environmental impact.
Contents of the course
Theoretical instruction:
  1. Recycling industry
  2. Green economy and sustainable development
  3. Circular Economy
  4. Conservation of natural resources as a contribution to the recycling of waste
  5. Recycling non-hazardous and hazardous waste
  6. Recycling technologies
  7. Reduction of pollution by organized collection of waste for recycling
  8. The primary selection of waste as a basic requirement for recycling
  9. Strategy of organized and complete recycling of waste materials
  10. Recycling of special waste streams
  11. Recyclable waste types
  12. Recycling of special streams of hazardous waste: electrical and electronic waste, waste oils, batteries, accumulators and vehicles
  13. Recycling of special non-hazardous waste streams: packaging and packaging waste
  14. Recycling of metal waste.
Practical instruction (Problem solving sessions/Lab work/Practical training):
  1. Method of marking recyclable waste types. Eco sign. Getting acquainted with the US EPA List and the European Waste Catalog. Methods of sampling and analysis of hazardous and non-hazardous waste for recycling to the content of specific organic and inorganic components. Getting acquainted with the procedures for handling hazardous waste at the stage of collection, transport and temporary storage for recycling. Demonstration of the management of recyclable waste (hazardous and non-hazardous) in certain waste treatment / recycling plants in RS. Visits to one of the recycling plants for hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste recycling plants. Visit to the company that deals with the recycling of industrial waste. Visit the foundry. Analysis of the effect of recycling from aspect 3E (energy + economics + ecology).
Textbooks and References
  1. Hodolič J. i dr., Reciklaža i reciklažne tehnologije, Fakultet tehničkih nauka, Novi Sad, 2011.
Number of active classes (weekly)
Lectures: 3
Practical classes: 2
Other types of classes: 0
Grading (maximum number of points: 100)
Pre-exam obligations
activities during lectures
activities on practial excersises
seminary work
Final exam
Written exam
Oral exam