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Student Mobility Guide

Publishing of the new student guide “Find out about Erasmus” marks the end of this year's Erasmus days, October 14-16, an event in which the Serbian Erasmus Student Network also took part.

This year additinally marks the beginning of a new cycle of the Erasmus+ programme which will last until 2027, and it is important to be familiar what all things lying ahead, that is, all possibile opportunities we can use as young people and students.

The new Erasmus+ 2021-2027 programe is based on, first of all, a 26-billion-EUR budget, which is twice the size of the previous budget, and extremely important due to the fact it will enable a larger number of participants to go on mobility, in line with the three pillars of the programme – inclusion and social diversity, green Erasmus+ and digital Erasmus+.

The new programme aims at increasing the qualitative impact of its activities and ensure equal opportunities, by meaning to include people of various age, cultural background and socio-economic status. Special attention will be given to persons with fewer opportunities, such as persons with disabilities, persons will learning obastacles, but also persons who have a migrant background or those who live in rural or remote geographical areas.

The programme will be digitalized and simplified for participants, especially owing to the initiative for the European Student Card and the adapted IT architecture for both users and universities. The programme will serve as an example as it will encourage students to choose green forms of transportation over airplanes and thus help reduce the emission of CO2. The Erasmus+ programme funds will be used for the development of knowledge and understanding of how climate policy can be sustainable. The idea is that, over the next seven years, the new programme should encompass more than 10 million people, which is the same number as in the previous 30 years, thus giving birth to a new Erasmus generation.

The guide can be found here.

The “Find out Erasmus+ 2021-2027” guide is pubslihed by the Erasmus Student Network of Serbia with the support of the EU Delegation in Serbia.