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Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Special Electronic Circuits Course code: 111407 | 6 ECTS credits

Basic information
Level of Studies: Undergraduate applied studies
Year of Study: 3
Semester: 5
Requirements: Knowledge of basic concepts of analog and digital electronics.
Goal: To provide knowledge in specific electronic circuits, their properties and applications. To provide students with the ability to analyze and design mixed electronic circuits.
Outcome: At the end of the course, the students will be able to connect the acquired knowledge in analog and digital electronics. The students will be able to analyze and design complex electronic systems by using modern integrated circuits.
Contents of the course
Theoretical instruction:
  1. Opening lecture (the organization and content of the course, links with other courses). General characteristics of analog, digital and mixed integrated circuits.
  2. Signals in electronics. Integrated circuit.
  3. General characteristics of analog, digital and mixed integrated circuits.
  4. Voltage regulators.
  5. Transconductance amplifiers, log amplifiers, multipliers.
  6. Converters and inverters of impedance. Systems with frequency feedback. Systems with phase feedback.
  7. Oscillators (classification, properties).
  8. Converters of analog value in frequency, converters of frequency in voltage.
  9. Matching circuits form analog to digital domain.
  10. Digital-to-analog converters. Matching circuits form digital to analog domain.
  11. Analog-to-digital converters. Mixed circuits with feedback.
  12. Signal sources with programmable waveform and amplitude.
  13. Concluding remarks. Directions of further professional development, self-evaluation of the course.
Practical instruction (Problem solving sessions/Lab work/Practical training):
  1. Voltage sources for power supply.
  2. Current source and impedance converters. Processing of test results.
  3. Phase-locked loop (PLL) - functional parts of the system.
  4. Phase-locked loop (PLL) - frequency multiplier.
  5. Digital-to-analog converters.
  6. Analog-to-digital converter with a digital-to-analog converter in the feedback.
  7. Harmonic oscillators.
  8. Relaxation oscillators.
  9. Integrated signal generators.
Textbooks and References
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Number of active classes (weekly)
Lectures: 3
Practical classes: 2
Other types of classes: 0
Grading (maximum number of points: 100)
Pre-exam obligations
activities during lectures
activities on practial excersises
seminary work
Final exam
Written exam
Oral exam